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How to Choose a Genuine Real Estate Company, Kenya

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Story Highlights

  • Land buying in Kenya has grown tremendously in recent decades with hundreds of companies sprouting

  • Doing diligence, proper homework, and research about real estate companies helps to shed off unscrupulous traders

The real estate industry has grown multifold in recent decades. As a result, the cost of buying land be it in acreage in Kajiado or even a 50×100 plot in Nairobi has been skyrocketing by the day. Due to the tantalizing reaping from the buying and selling of plots in different parts of the country, on every corner, there is a real estate company, Kenya office, some genuine but others worth every suspicion.

When buying land in Kenya, doing due diligence is advisable. As real estate consultant, Chege W. Chege advises, research widely about the different land buying and selling companies on your list before settling for one.


Tips for Identifying Genuine Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Some of the things you should consider include the following:

Ask for Proof of Proper Licensing

Kenyan laws provide guidelines for registering land companies. Before you make any deals with one, confirm its registration and licensing. If a company cannot provide such proof or it takes you through dark rounds, consider choosing others.

Consider a Company that Allows you to Do Due Diligence

It is important to work with a company that is clear and confident in its operations. It should allow you to do your research at will. In addition, ask for any proof that can confirm its authenticity.

A Conveyance Lawyer is Crucial

Due to the nature of fraudulent activities when buying and selling land, a conveyance lawyer is essential. Before you trust a company blindly, Phylis Wambui (a realtor in Thika), advises that you ask about their conveyance lawyer. The expert will confirm and oversee the signing of any legal documents.

Look for Other Buyer’s Reviews

You may also consider checking their other land buyers’ reviews and testimonials. You can ask for recommendations from people close to you, or check the companies’ websites and social media handles for their clients’ feedback. Checking with independent review sites like Google My Business may help too.

Meet the Sellers in Person

There are dozens of real estate brokers, companies, and other players in the industry. This means that the chance of falling into the hands of unscrupulous industry players wanting to prey on you is high. You should, therefore, choose the most qualifying ones and visit their offices for a one-on-one consultation.

Consult Your Lawyer

Lastly, the real estate landscape in Kenya does not allow you to do blind shopping for land. Therefore, it is crucial to consult your lawyer first to help with legal presentation, advice, interpretation of the contracts, review of documentations, drafting the necessary documents; including land sale agreement and transfer forms.


As a potential land buyer, you will need to do more than picking your phone and calling a realtor. Their honey-like convincing sales voices should not let you believe that they are all trusted real estate companies, Nairobi. By considering the above tips, though, it should be easier to choose a reliable and genuine land buying and selling company.

“Opinions given below belong to the experts mentioned. They do not represent, in any way, the stand of government professionals, lawyers/attorneys, the land ministry, Chania FM, Kenya, or other branches of Chania Media. If you need a professional, you should find one.”

“Chege W. Chege is a media strategist, digital advertising expert, and has an interest in real estate too.”

“Phylis Wambui has over seven years of experience in the real estate field. She helps with matters land sale, property transfer, and sale agreements. She helps with title transfer and land search issues too.”


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  2. Kamau Jane December 29, 2021

    Thanks for the great tips. Kenya bila tips kama hizi utagongwa

  3. Kamb January 19, 2022

    I think you should also be careful with the lawyers that you choose. Some are crooks


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