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Dear Crush


Dear Crush


By Chege W. Chege

🥰 Crush🔥

I don’t know why I’m so afraid to lose you
When you’re not even mine
I’ll be yours forever, yet I don’t even know you.
Just say when to start
Because I can hear our kids shouting

Playing at our backyard.

Your sleepy face waking up against me each day
Hope is the only word I will cling on

As your head calmly lies on my welcoming chest
Assuring you of comfort and safety from nightmares.

Am shy so when I first meet you
I probably won’t say much
Hmm, I’m not that shy either
But I’m just holding my awesomeness
So I won’t intimidate you.

There’s much to say but I can’t type now
So let me hope you will understand these few words I wrote down
As you prepare to be mine
And forever we won’t stay alone.

And one day
Just one day
I will gather courage and ask you out

Jold hands in the street
Not to show off around the boys at end street
But to assure you I’ll always be by your side.

I will suggest you visit my place

That’s my little kingdom
I’ve stored some courage in there

And did I say am naughty behind curtains?
I am. I can switch the lights of when you’re showering🙂🙂

Hey I just hope I will earn your attention someday🥰
I will continue passing by your inbox

And throw stupid smiles at you.
Hope is the only word I cling on…….

Chege W. Chege

Chege is a passionate presenter and writer who loves to write about anything and everything (well, except technical, medical, and engineering stuff...laughing). Follow him on Facebook at facebook.com/chegewchege. Talk to him about podcasting, media consultancy, and Facebook management

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