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Woman Feeds Step-Daughter Menstrual Blood Food

Photo of woman arrested for feeding stepdaughter menstrual blood food
Story Highlights

  • Ugandan woman arrested for feeding her step-daughter food laced with menstrual blood

  • The woman pleaded guilty and was handed a two years sentence after asking for leniency

A Ugandan woman has been sentenced to two years in jail for feeding her stepdaughter with her menstrual blood. The woman, identified as Annet Namata, was handed the sentence by a Mukono court judge, Patience Koburunga, on Thursday 26th September 2019.

Guilty Plea

woman feeds step-daughter "unclean" food

Chania Media

The grade one magistrate made her ruling after the accused pleaded guilty to the offence that has left many dismayed. The magistrate, however, noted that the sentence had been reduced from seven to two years after Annet asked for leniency as ‘she has three children to take care of’.

Husband not Contented by the Ruling

Most of the residents of Mukono who spoke to Chania FM’s correspondent said they were not contented with the ruling. Annet’s husband, Yunus Lungu expressed his discontentment, saying her was also ‘not contented’ with the ruling. He said he would have wished that his wife got longer jail term, as her mistakes were unfathomable and unimaginable.

Susan Mayanja, who is the Kitenga village women secretary also expressed her views regarding the ruling. Susan said that even though the sentence was lenient, the accused’s stepdaughter got justice. She, however, noted that such a sentence would prompt other women to repeat such acts because “the sentence is not heavy.”

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